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Pain & Emotional Release



99% of all Physical Dis-Ease is a manifestation of Emotional Dis-Ease. Just about everyone has some amount of emotional baggage from painful life events, right?  Emotional baggage is very real, and although it's invisible it can easily disrupt your happiness, your success and your health.  It's like lugging around a suitcase from every difficult event you've gone through; eventually the load gets too heavy not to notice. Each "suitcase" a Trapped Emotion; a bit of emotional energy that was created, by you, during an emotional event, or inherited, that then got stuck in your body somewhere.


Trapped Emotions are literally like balls of energy, vibrating at different frequencies depending on what the emotion is (for example, Anger is a different vibration than Sadness or Insecurity). Trapped Emotions are negative, destructive vibrations, and tend to affect the body wherever they are stuck, creating pain and malfunction of bodily tissues, even disease. They can also cause depression, anxiety and loads of emotional problems. Trapped Emotions can make life miserable, but you can get rid of them thru simple but profound Emotion Release Techniques and enhance your life for good!

ERT works on people and animals and can be performed in person or remotely as energy has no boundaries. 








Oh my Gosh!  NO MORE NIGHTMARES!!  Thank you So much! 

C Morris AZ


Our house recently burned down. Everyone got out safely with the help of neighbors except  one daughter who we lost to smoke inhalation. Joi-Ashli (my regular holistic practitioner) offered me a Reiki session to help me get thru this event and the associated emotional strain. Additionally, she performed a remote Emotional Clearing for me. I could not believe the difference. Not only did I start feeling much better, I felt only what I could describe as 'Lighter'. Like a world of weight had been taken off my shoulders. THIS WORKS!  G.C Arizona

I recommended Joi-Ashli to my mother who has suffered with arthritis for many years, as did her grandmother. After meeting and speaking with Joi-Ashli, Mom agreed to let her do her magic. And magic it was. After only a few critical emotions were released, my mothers hands began feeling better and she's been in a really good mood.  S.O Phx, Az

I asked Joi Ashli  to work on both my young girls who are very emotional. Joi-Ashli determined several emotions and  inherited emotions in each of the girls. Her findings were right on the money and her information has helped us immensely. A.P  SLC, Ut

I am a regular Reiki client with Joi-Ashli and was eager to try ERT as serving for many years as a Fire Captain, I had plenty of haunting emotions trapped within. I awoke a few days after our appointment feeling better then I had in years. I felt 'light'. I checked my phone and found a text from Joi-Ashli containing the releasing she had done the night before. I think this is pretty amazing. M.L  Maricopa

I've seen Joi-Ashli for a couple of years now for pain and de-stressing. Her energy healing techniques are an experience for sure. I always leave the office feeling fresher. Her work on my emotions I had stuffed was SPOT ON!  Thank you. E.F  Arizona

I have 2 horses, 1 with attitude and 1 who had been attacked by wild dogs and had been limping for weeks. Joi-Ashli came to the ranch and worked on each of them. She found abuse and inherited fears among other emotions inwhich she cleared. Miss attitude disappeared and became a sweet obedient horse and her limpy mother mare became sweeter and energetic. She is actually loping around the property now.  I can't believe the change.  YeeHaw!  MaryLou, Maricopa

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