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BioEnergetics for Pre & Post Surgery

Joi-Ashli, HHP contact: 661.433.0544


Best case scenario allows for pre-surgery energy therapy. In one of my most recent cases, this was an out-of-state treatment that had taken place 5 weeks prior to my arrival. Following are my findings and treatment I created for Renee.


Knee surgery with Swelling and visible Vascular Irregularities, Painful back side of leg just under knee area where muscle was bulging (as a result of efforts mad to stretch the muscle), Soreness in right foot, Restless Leg and Inability to sleep without Melatonin.


In our first session I commenced treatment with Reiki session starting at the right foot (which my ‘patient’ felt energetically. I continued to calf and up through hip area with special attention paid to the post surgery area of the knee.


Renee reported decreased discomfort and over-all increased feeling of wellness and energy.


Our afternoon session began with client acknowledging a painful lump in her muscle resulting from surgery and therapy (as mentioned above).


I created dual application therapy. A rub consisting of several essential oils in a base of Shea Butter with a small amount of fractionated coconut oil for consistency, slip & ease of application.


After one light application, Renee was relieved of pain and was up  and almost dancing with excitement.


I created a complementary product blend in spray form, eliminating only shea butter for the purposes of Spraying on the incision and surrounding area of the knee cap for accelerated healing and reduction of swelling and heat in the affected area.


Upon the following morning Renee reported a perfect night's sleep with no pain, no restless leg and upon considering taking Melatonin, fell asleep before she could do so.

Her attitude upon waking and arising was bright cheerful and very excited for the immediate success of her treatment.


Upon returning back to my schedule in Maricopa, I was presented with an almost identical case of which resulted in a similar outcome. In cases like these, I recommend Ion Cell Detox sessions as well for further acceleration of wound healing. 


Reiki is Scientifically Proven Effective, 100% Non-Evasive and REIKI WORKS!
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