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BioEnergetic & Reiki Experiences


*BioEnergetic Healing combines Reiki and Cranial therapies such as BioHypnosis as well as specific and high quality Essential Oils, AromaTouchTherapy, Muscle Testing, Emotion Release & Tachyon Tools to provide the most benefit for your emotional and/or physical healing.  


*Hands on, hands hovering closely over the body and/or remote sessions - BioEnergetic Healing Modalities are effective in helping virtually every known illness or malady - producing beneficial effects and results. 


*BioEnergetics can do no harm and may be provided in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.


*Everyone can benefit from BioEnergetic Healing.

Traditional Reiki
A perfect first time experience
With reiki you can never go wrong, as Pure Positive Reiki Energy can do no harm.  

Relax * De-stress * Relieve Pain * Re-Energize 
Your practitioner will hover over or place hands on each of the 7 energy centers (Chakras) that run down the center of you body.
It is common to feel tingling, heat or sparking. This is simply energy going where it is needed. Relax and enjoy. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself falling into a much needed nap.  

45 - 60 min experience

Hot Spot Infusion

Let’s concentrate on the issue: Head ache * Back ache * Heartache * Congestion * Stomach ache * and more.
Spot specific focused energy, Tachyon tools and essential oil help healing take place.

Kids and Pets Love Reiki

Children are a product of their environment and can take on the perceived dis-ease and stress of it.

School, friends, family. It can feel like a crazy and unfriendly world to your child.


Reiki and a some simple coaching, helps to eliminate these feelings and perceptions.

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Tachyon Healing      
Tachyon Energy Tools and essential oils can in-crease the intensity of your experience and healing time by 2-3 times.  Your practitioner will use may use these tools with your consent and according to your individual needs.
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Crown Chakra Energizer Infusion  &



Starting at the top of the head to the tips of the toes, many clients feel a powerful energy flow. Some clients report a heavy numbing feeling (a good numbing), waves of energy flowing downward thru their body, a feeling of weightlessness, destressing, relief of pain, clarity, visions, deep relaxation, Euphoria.
No two experiences are the same.
An incredible 45 min E-Ticket experience.



Rheumatoid Arthritis

Copping a New 'Tude

A real client's experience & Testimony


*No two experiences are anymore the same than any two people, so don’t judge your experience by your  previous or someone elses. You're experience will be perfect for you and just what your mind & body need.

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