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Limited Time Special
$179 in office * $149 Remote Nationwide

Whichever modality you choose to start with or stick with, you've made a great choice - However, what I have discovered is that in combining complimentary modalities, success rates are greatly increased.

I love serving others and empowering clients to help themselves. The greatest compliment I can receive is, "Thank you for helping me to feel great and getting my life back." and then, "I'm sending my aunt to you." or, "I'd like to refer some of clients/patients to you." or even, "I'm telling EVERYONE about you in my next article!"  


EFT is a simple, enjoyable and most important, effective technique that puts YOU, the client in charge of taking the first critical steps in your own healing process. 

You will receive a personalized tapping script and be guided through it during your first session. EFT is not only a great and proven healing technique, it makes a great family activity.

STEP 2: Clean Out the Attic  & Take Out the Trash 

99% of all physical and health related dis-ease is a symptom of emotional dis-ease which is created during perceived traumatic experiences. Most will agree with that. But did you know that some - many of these emotions aren't even ours. They are handed down to us generation after generation and can wreck havoc on our bodies and in our lives. Fears, attitudes and Insecurities with seemingly no bases. Furthermore, they are the culprits of mental, chronic and autoimmune dis-ease as well as addictions.

Fortunately, these contributing emotions (hiding deep in the subconscious) can, through a simple process, be identified, acknowledged and released with what I refer to as ERT - my Emergency Response Team for Emotion Release. 


We all harbor hundreds of non-beneficial emotions as well as continually create new ones depending on out personal experiences and perceptions.

This service is available in office and/or remotely as energy has no boundaries.

I provide ERT globally. 

Step 3: Assimilation

Whether thru BioHypnosis, ERT or Enhanced Reiki, In office or remotely, this is where body, mind and spirit energies all come back to the track for a healthier, happy reunion and rebalancing.   


P.S.S. Personalized Success Session

Lifestyle Enhancement Coaching is available for success in making overall improvements in nutrition, exercise and other simple but critical areas of your life and can also be added into this Success Program.

*Additional sessions may be recommended, because as previously stated: Most humans harbor  hundreds of non-serving emotions.  NOTE: You will never be pressured and No service will be pushed on you.  Your desired quality  of life is your business. Supporting you toward achieving your desires-is mine.

For consultation or more information contact Advanced Wellness at: 661.433.0544 txt/ph

Office Location: Maricopa, Az

Remote Services available in USA & Canada

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