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99% of all Physical Dis-Ease is a manifestation of Emotional Dis-Ease

Copping a New 'Tude

Rheumatoid Arthritis & My Reiki Experience

I had been suffering from Rheumatoid for more than 20 years.   I finally decided, 

“It's time to start looking at the cause of this disease and how to take control of it instead of it controlling me.”


Holistic Practitioner, Joi-Ashli, suggested Reiki Energy Therapy (Part of the BioEnergetics family) and to be honest, I’ve always been pretty skeptical. Joi and I ran into each other again recently and I told her about my upcoming infusion, that it was the second of two, as I had already completed the first one. I told her about my headache, nausea and fever that I experience as side effects. Joi-Ashli  said she would like to try Reiki with me to see if it would reduce or eliminate my uncomfortable side-effects. 


Immediately I’m thinking she’s going to stand over the top of me, waive her hands over my body, barely touch me, and I’m not going to get a darn thing out of this. Then that other little whisper comes in and says, "But what if? What if your headache goes away and you don’t wake up with a fever and erythema the next morning? What if you can go for longer than eight or nine months between infusions?" That little voice got louder and louder, so we set up appointments; one for the night before and the second just hours after my infusion.  I’m going to attempt to tell you, the best that I can, exactly what I experienced.  


While Joi-Ashli was working, she and I were talking about the this and that of the day, basically just getting caught up with each other when I said to her,  “My right hand has this tingling and it’s basically from my elbow all the way down to the tips of my fingers. Joi-Ashli said, "Open your eyes." and she was standing right over the lower part of my right arm. I thought, “Yeah, okay, maybe it’s a coincidence”, so I closed my eyes again, and each time Joi-Ashli moved to a different extremity I felt the same thing. It feels like that tingly feeling you get when a part of your body falls asleep, but it didn’t go away even when she moved away from that part of the body. The funny thing was that my left foot was the only extremity that didn’t tingle. I'm not sure I’ll ever know why except that my left foot is the one area of my body that I have always had the least amount of pain in regards to rheumatoid. 


Joi-Ashli then moved up and placed her hands directly on my head, right at the crown and we continued to talk. I had my eyes closed and I could feel that tingling sensation from the top of my head all the way down to the tips of my fingers, in the tip of the toes on my right foot, and that’s when it happened. 


I began to fall asleep  (I’m one of those people that go through a list in their head of all the things that need to get done the next day. The list had started), Joi-Ashli had become quiet, music was playing, and all of a sudden I realized that I no longer had the tingling sensation. Additionally, I could not feel the table. I could not sense what I was laying on. I don’t want to say that I was floating; all I can say is that, other than my butt, I could not feel the table that I was laying on. 


Go ahead, laugh! I didn't feel nervous or afraid, I was just focusing on the question, "Why can't I feel this table other than around and underneath my butt?"  When I got the giggles Joi asked me what was going on and I laughed, telling her what I was experiencing. She replied, “Everyone has their own experience from just total relaxation to weightlessness, to visions.”  Then she assured me, “I’ve never had anyone, yet, float off the table. haha.”


The second day (post infusion) was much the same; tingling sensation even the left foot this time, complete relaxation and I didn’t feel the bed at all once she moved to my head. The best way to describe it: I feel like I was allowing myself the chance to let go of negativity and the hate that I’d been carrying around and opening myself up to new experiences. 



I bet you’re wondering what the results were as it relates to the side effects of my rheumatoid. 


The night of my second infusion I had no headache at all. The next morning I had only slightly rosy cheeks and no fever. Now the skeptic in me says, "Okay, so this was the second of two infusions, so maybe I’m building up an immunity." Then the hopeful part of me says, "But what if ..." No matter what, I do feel better!  I'm more positive, energetic, hopeful, and open-minded, and let's face it, couldn't we all use a little more of that in our lives?


My New 'Tude

I will continue Reiki BioEnergetics as an additional approach to my treatment for RA and overall well-being. I'm worth it!


Well, you got to the bottom of this, and you’re probably sitting there thinking what a bunch of hoo-ha and you probably won’t be alone. But my mind keeps going back to something Joi-Ashli said to me, “The body has the ability to heal itself.”  I happen to think she’s right about that. Some people deal with depression and anxiety by using transcendental meditation; others seek out the vortexes in Sedona for a boost of energy. What I know about my first two Reiki sessions that I’ve completed is that I have lessened the side effects of extremely toxic drugs in my body and that I feel unburdened and more positive. To me that is worth it right there!   Darcy Edl, Maricopa

FOLLOW UP:  Approximately 9 months after Darcy's initial treatment she reported her Doctor declared her Rheumatoid free. She had re-established broken relationships and cleared the emotions that had led to a 22 year fight to regain her health.


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