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I contribute it to You


I have some good news. I went to the eye doctor today and he checked my pressures in my eye and they were the lowest they've been in a long time. 


The only thing I can contribute that to is the treatment you gave me. 

That's the only thing I could think so just wanted you to know.

Dr. Steve Danish, Phx, Az   


I aksed about Reiki for children. My 7 yr old daughter had been complaining that she couldn't focus and of constant nausea. She had a wonderfully fun time with Joi-Ashli during her 30 minute session. Joi-Ashli explained to my daughter what Reiki is, what she would be doing and what Bella might feel; warmth, tingling or tickling.  She was coached about her stress complaints as well as her perceptions and attitudes about and toward others and best of all - the following day in Joi-Ashli's follow-up text, I was happy to announce "Her mood made a 180 degree turn around. She has been a different little girl today!" Coree, Phx

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Three days before my Reiki session with Joi-Ashli, I twisted my ankle and skinned my knee really bad.

The day before my session my knee was puffy, red and I was sure it was infected. 

As I wet through my session, I never mentioned my injury (I wanted to test the abilities of both Joi-Ashli and Reiki). The day after my session, I went to clean my knee and it was no longer puffy, was not red, no longer hurt and had started started forming a scab, which by-the-way, after coming off, left no scaring. 


It works. I've noticed a huge difference in my quality of life and the difference in how I get through rough times. In fact, my husband makes sure I get my Reiki on a regular bases. It has been an invaluable asset and blessing.   Guadalupe C, AZ

In prep for a lengthy flight, a client came to me recently regarding her extreme fear of flying. I coached her a bit about her safety concerns, when she acknowledged that it was not so much about her safety. Her biggest worry was the fate of her adult daughter in the event something did happen. With a session of Reiki and some discussion, this client boarded her flight that evening. I checked in with her the following morning to learn that she was a CHAMP. Slept soundly thru the entire flight (no aid) and felt great.


I recommend BioEnergetic Practitioner, Joi-Ashli.
My wife met and scheduled an appt with Joi-Ashli for the purposes of relieving some physical discomfort & severe pre-travel anxiety. She felt so good after her very first session that I decided to try it. 

I suffered from endless sleepless nights & could not remember ever in my life enjoying a full night of rest. 

During my 1st session I fell into a deep, visual sleep that left me in awe of how I felt soothing energy run thru my body while enjoying a beautifully colorful dream state. That night I experienced my first full night of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. 

For a bit more insight:
As a youth I suffered from Childhood Traumatic Stress Disorder; forever keeping 'one eye opened' never knowing when my father would drag me out of bed & thru every room of the house beating me.
Years later when working as a Fire Fighter and EMT, sleep opportunities were just as seldom, as I never knew when I'd need to drag myself out of bed for a call to service.

I purchased 3 sessions (got 1 free) & for another session with Joi-Ashli and another pain & stress relieving experience. 

I recommend BioEnergetic Practitioner, Joi-Ashli to anyone and everyone experiencing any uncomfortable symptom or condition.
ML Maricopa


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