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The Dread of Dis-Ease

What is Dis-Ease Really Made Of?

More than 99% of all physical dis-ease is a manifestation of emotional dis-ease. Add to that - most all chronic dis-ease occurs as a result of a life event which has carried with it a great deal of traumatic stress. This discomfort can show up in many difference disguises. Symptoms can be temporarily masked with medication, but this is not a permanent solution and most often creates additional symptoms and conditions of emotional and health related dis-ease.


BioEnergetic Healing modalities are Scientifically Proven to relieve stress and pain as they work on the emotional and physical bodies as well as contributing to clarity of the mind. Some of these modalities include BioEnergetic Therapies which are 100% non-evasive, comfortable, enjoyable and often very enlightening (clarity).


BioEnergetic Healing is not New Age, VooDoo, or a Religion. It is old school - as old as time and the treatment of choice in Eastern Medicine which treats the entire body and mind as a whole versus individual symptoms.


BioEnergetics consists of several non-evasive energetic modalities which benefit, but are not limited to, the  conditions listed below. 


BioEnergetic Therapies can reduce and even eliminate Pre & Post Op, Chemo & other Chemical treatment side-effects, such as those used for Cancer and Rheumatoid Arthritis. 

Non-Evasive BioEnergetic modalities have been found very successful in accelerated post injury & surgical healing.


Bio-Energetic modalities benefits virtually anyone, any age, any condition.  From transitioning into life, throughout and transitioning out of life.


BioEnergetic Therapies include but are not limited to: Reiki (Universal Life Force), Cranial & AromaTherapeutic Therapies,  EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique, ERT: Emotion Release Technique, BioHypnosis, Life Style, Nutritional Recalibration & Empowerment Coaching.

*Most Services are available in Office and Remote*

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BioEnergetic Healing

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