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*OMG!  Joi Ashli gave me a Reiki Therapy and I really cannot tell you what a miracle that was . I was not a believer until today. It really was a miracle. After 4 weeks of being in a boot for and injury, I was able to remove it and walk bare footed without pain. It also stabilized  my emotions  and promoted a clarity I had not had before. I feel like a new person.

Thank you Joi-Ashli. You really are a miracle worker.  

Fatma Noormohamed, BVS, California


*I'm a farrier and was recently kicked in the leg by a 1400 lb horse (It happens sometimes). I could barely move my leg afterward. I saw Joi-Ashli for an energy session first thing the next morning. The feeling of the energy flowing through my body was incredible. I couldn't feel my limbs but it felt great; and my leg felt 90%. This was my first experience with energy healing and I would recommend it and Joi-Ashli to anyone.

Tyler T. BVS, California


*I went this morning for my first ever Reiki Session with Joi-Ashli. Lets just say I HIGHLY recommend Joi-Ashli, HHP. I’m as relaxed as any massage I’ve received and probably more. Plus, the bottlenecks were worked out. The specialized magnet she used replaced the sore muscles around my neck and lower back. It’s better than a physical adjustment. I’m all kinds of relaxed, grounded and focused now

Self-care is the most important kind of care.

Erin Leslie Meehan, Power    Networking Group LLC

*I saw Joi-Ashli for a pre-op session. It was AMAZING to say the least. It left me completely relaxed and I look forward to our remote post-op session.  Ginger, BVS, California


*I came  for my very first Reiki treatment. I am currently seven and a half months pregnant, which comes with typical back/pelvic pain, so I decided to take a chance and try Reiki to help relieve those symptoms. Also, I am currently suffering from some mental disorders such as severe anxiety and panic attacks which while doing my research about Reiki I learned can help with those conditions as well. The amount of amazing tingles and almost electric feelings that happened on my pregnant tummy was just incredible. I also experienced amazing electrifying feeling from the top of my head all the way down to my toes.

Not only did I receive a Reiki treatment but I also learned a lot about different nutritional decisions that I can make in my diet. Also I received amazing empowerment through this experience all together. I will definitely be returning for another session! 

Emily, Pinal County    December 2017


*Today I experienced a Reiki session with Joi Ashli. 
I have had other energy session in my past, but today was nothing like I have experienced before. She was able to release a bunch of negative energy built up in my body, and help me free myself of current tensions, I felt light, and free, almost like I could just float away when she was done, and had some new experiences with connections, I've never felt before...I highly recommend Joi if you're looking to relax, clear your Chakras and/or release some built up tensions, she is absolutely amazing in what she does. Her passion for her energy work speaks volumes in her sessions. 
Thank you Joi for today, it was truly an awesome session, and I will be back soon... ❤️🌞

Tish P. Phx     Nov 2017


*I had my first Reiki experience with Joi-Ashli yesterday. I showed up at her private office like I do everywhere, with my water bottle dangling off my finger (it has a carry loop).  As she was showing me around, I noticed the water bottle started trembling. And I thought – “am I that nervous?” I did a quick self-check and realized that I wasn’t nervous. The water in my bottle was reacting to the energy in her office. I didn’t mention this because I thought she would think I was a goof! She took me to her treatment room, explained what she was going to do, what I might or might not feel and she asked some questions to get a general idea of my health. I’ve had chronic pain in one ankle and I told her about it. She touched my ankle and just held it. It got warm, real warm. After about 5 minutes, it was nearly hot. She moved up to my head. The first thing I noticed was a warm wave moving down my body, like a current of energy flowing through me. There was a warm weight on my forehead and I relaxed completely. I was aware of the session, and even of the fact that I was asleep, but I knew what was going on. I could hear the music, feel when she moved her hands and was aware of my breathing pattern. When the session ended I felt rested but not groggy like I would after a nap.

I was on my feet quite a bit today, wearing shoes with little support. My ankle did ache some when I was walking across the parking lot. When I got home tonight I ditched the shoes and sat down. After about 5 minutes, the ankle stopped hurting and isn’t even stiff. Normally, even when it feels “good” there’s a congested feeling in the joint. That’s not there tonight.

I’m looking forward to more Reiki sessions with Joi-Ashli. She’s not only a wonderful hostess but a talented therapist.

~Grace Robinson, Safeguard Promotions


*Remotely Reiki

Last night I sent Bella some extra energy for her day at school. It worked. Mom reported a very good day and still going strong.

Rich had not slept in nights, feeling as tho someone was sitting on his chest. I sent him energy at 930 pm. He reported that he went to bed shortly after that and slept all night. BTW, he was not aware until he saw my txt the next morning what I had done.


*I've had Reiki before but I've never experienced anything like my energy session with Joi-Ashli.  I have a bad knee and after my session, it felt great. No stiffness, no pain. Carole,  Phx


*I told Joi-Ashli that I have had Reiki from my cousin; a Reiki Master. Her reply was, "Great!"  When I informed her my cousin did not live nearby; she offered me a session if I would like to try energy a session with her. My comment at the end of my session, "My pain is gone, my back doesn't hurt. I feel great! I've had Reiki before - It was nothing like this experience!     

Follow up txt:  "I'm still feeling a lot of energy. I woke up at 3:30 this morning but did not need an icepack for my back to go back to sleep. I'm scheduling an appointment for my husband. He's never done anything like this before."

Follow up txt: B. Bratton: "My back is hurting today. Probably from physical therapy.

Joi-Ashli: I'll send you some energy"

B. Bratton: Thank you. I feel better :-)  B. Bratton, Maricopa


Joi-Ashli: "How do you feel today Kimberly?"

Kimberly: "WONDERFUL! My mind feels uncluttered. My body feels pretty good too! I'll be calling for another appointment next week."  


*WOWSA!!  What else can I say? Awe, Every REIKI session is a completely different experience. My hands and legs went numb (a good numb) from the energy flow going through me. IIt felt as though a body full of toxins were being lifted right out of my body. From everywhere in my body. Reiki is amazing and relaxing lunch-time break from work. Thank you. I am addicted!    Pam H.  Maricopa


*Thanks for sharing your Reiki skills, I know it worked. I am 1000% better. Thank you!  I have suffered a few health issues over past years, to say the least - even several days of blindness on more then 1 occasion. I have had a burning in my head that has been unrelenting for years - until my Reiki session with Joi-Ashli. It’s gone! Everytime I learn Joi-Ashli is coming to Utah - I book with her. I believe in Reiki. It’s relaxing, It’s effective, It’s energizing, It’s AMAZING! I am Addicted!  Alyssa, P. Utah


*I came to Joi-Ashli in misery with such sinus congestion like I'd never had before. My face was red and puffy and so were my eyes. This was my first experience with Reiki. I had no idea what it was, but after just one half hour of Reiki I felt AWESOME. I reported to Joi-Ashli "It feels like my nose is on fire! I can breath from both nostrils!" During her follow up the next day I mentioned that I felt GREAT, was on my way to a football game and then onto a couple of parties.  She made me a believer.

Reiki Energy is Incredible! I am Addicted.   Eric F.  Az


*I was having a challenging day this past week. Joi-Ashli shared her lovely smile and incredible stories when I had the pleasure of her coming to my deli. I admit it I was ornery at first, she took my crankiness and gave my heart and soul the positive infusion of energy it truly needed.  I have been introduced to this program. I am looking forward to who I shall become as I write my  own story.  Thank you again for the inspiration and the opportunity to develop myself.  I Love WYS Education

Kimberly H. SLC


*Doctors could not tell me what was wrong with my health. The medical field did not know what had caused the tumors nor what to do about them. During a powerful Reiki session with Joi-Ashli, to my delight and surprise, I could actually feel one of the tumors shrinking. I am Addicted! Dana T. Az.


*I spent 12 years in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship. I finally left my wife, but not only did I give up my home and belongings in the divorce, I had lost my confidence, esteem & sense of self.   JOI-Ashli's WYS programs taught me so much about myself, where I got the self defeating ideas that were destroying me, and how I could be the person I was created to be.  

It's not religion, It's not a bunch of motivational hype, it's just simple concepts shared in an intriguing and insightful  manner and topped with fun.  With the program and participation support I received from Joi-Ashli & WYS Education, I am now doing exactly what I have always dreamed of doing.   R. Ross, Phx.  


*Thank you so much.  Relaxing evening! Great company, great yoga, great food, great info!!  P. Hansen (WYS Education)


*I could feel the energy vibrating deep into the tissue of my body where I had been experiencing stress and pain.  I am Addicted!  Nicole C., Az


*"It’s not there. It doesn’t hurt. The intense pain is gone!   I had never experienced Reiki Energy Healing so I purchased the Reiki/Wrap Combo. I was surprised that I could actually feel the Reiki energy flowing though my body.  My feet were in such pain. The Reiki energy that flowed thru me was so pleasurable and the pain was gone! I am never disappointed. YES, I am Addicted!   Alice B. Az


*WOW! I knew I’d been lugging around some serious emotional baggage and my practitioner, Joi-Ashli could sense it as well. As soon as she placed her hands on my head, an incredible energy permeated down through my body core and on to my feet.  She was able to release the negative energy from every harboring area of my body. My experience was far beyond my expectations. Thank You. I am Addicted! Ginger G. Az


*Just letting you know that I’m feeling great! My husband asked me if all the negative energy was out of my body and I was happy to report, “YES! and I feel really relaxed.”  On the road again :-)  Thank you.  Annette


*WYS Education; Nutrition for the Soul.   Thank You. Head Start School 


*Inspiring parent presentation, Thank you.   Tony S. Head Start School 


*Thank you for a fun WYS Education work out, pig out, zone out, night out (Girls Nite Out)


*Thank you for your insight, for asking questions and stating observations rather than criticisms and condemnations. Anonymous  (WYS Success Session


*Thank you for your PMS (Perfect in My Skin) program and making it fun and well as educational for our    girls.   ECI DIVA Camp   (WYSEducation)


*I love your story and what you have done.  LOVE IT!  PH, Phx.  (WYS Education)


*I recently had the pleasure of being part of a workshop that Joi-Ashli, HHP did for our mastermind group.  Joi-Ashli was enthusiastic as well as motivational.  Her exercises made all of us stop and think about who we really  are as individuals.  She made us all realize that it doesn't matter what age you are you can always make changes in your life for the better. Thank you Joi-Ashli for your wonderful outlook on life.  

D Jay (Artist - Quiller)   (WYS Education)


*Miss Joi -Ashli  - I suppose you are wondering what it was during our initial meeting that struck me to the core. I was impressed with your dignity and true to you positivity.  I was rather rude when I first saw you.  You called me on it. :-) I needed it. I was further impressed with the stories of your adventures told so willingly and enthusiastically. 

I have been extra attentive to my attitude and if I am to abrupt or snarly I apologize and ask to start over.  Which I have been tested on for example,  I was alone in the department and all the sudden there was a loud noise and I found a strange man in the water closet. I demanded to know who he was and well we both were rather obstinate to each other right off.  After just about 3 min of tense discussion I stepped back and took a deep breath,  admitted that he had startled me and that I had argued with my kid the night before so I was a little heated under the collar.  I asked him if we could start over again and this time cooperate so we didn't have the unnecessary tension.  He chuckled and admitted that he had argued with his granddaughter that morning and whole heartedly wanted peace.  I have become quite pleased with my new mindset.   Kim - Cottonwood  (Success Sessions)

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