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I have practiced in the fields of prevention, personal growth, awareness and acceptance, natural health, nutrition, and medical esthetics for more than 20 years.

I am certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, International Association of Reiki Practitioners, Practitioner of BioHypnosis, Certified (ERT) Emotion Release and 'Alignment' Practitioner, I teach (EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique, and hold a license in Esthetics in Arizona and California.

In addition, I have been and continue to be very successful in providing non-evasive and highly effective BioEnergetic therapies and guiding clients toward obtaining or regaining whole health, enabling their ability to enjoy a life of optimal wholeness—mentally, emotionally, nutritionally, physically.   


Sharing what I learn and acting as an instrument that enables others to obtain/regain personal wholeness is my passion.

I do it because it is what I love to do.

Service Summary


BioEnergetics can be administered hands on or hands off and has been scientifically proven to relief both physical and emotional pain and stress.  It is also a fact that 98% of all physical or health related dis-eases are manifested symptoms of emotional dis-ease. These are the emotions we stuff away and can be recent, years old, even inherited from generations to centuries back.


Our body’s are created with a natural capacity to heal themselves. Perceived and learned stressors interfere with that inherent ability. What I have found as a practitioner is that BioEnergetic therapies can facilitate the alleviation of negative and debilitating emotional stressors, allowing pure, positive energy to enter the body systems and create an experience of peace, comfort and healing - both physically and emotionally. 


When I administer energy therapies, I like to incorporate a variety of appropriate, non-invasive modalities: Traditional and Enhanced Reiki (Japanese for Universal Life Force), Cranial Therapy, BioHypnosis, AromaTouch, (ERT) Emotions Release Techniques, (EFT) Emotional Freedom as well as Alignment Technique, Tachyon tools, Essential Oils, simple, achievable Coaching and  follow-up client contact when permitted.


Indications include but are not limited to: Arthritis * Autoimmune Disease * Cancer Patients * Depression * Diabetes * Heart Disease * Migraines * Osteoarthritis * Osteoporosis Pain Reduction * Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome * Pregnancy * Infants & Babies * Postpartum Depression * Post Surgery  * Stress Reduction & Relaxation Seniors * Stroke Victims * Rheumatoid Arthritis * Weight Loss & more

Reiki Therapy provides positive energy for healing & relief of both Physical & Emotional dis-ease.


Contraindications: Because there are so many different medications formulated for same or similar symptoms and conditions; contraindications and side effects are common and can be serious or even fatal. Unlike some medications, with BioEnergetic modalities there are no contra-indicators and no adverse side-effects (other than a potential but rare, short-term detox which is simply a part of the healing process and a result of a negative more intensive releases). A BioEnergetic treatments can do no harm. 


Common Session Experiences: Just as everyone is on their own personal experience through this life, everyone’s session and post-session experience is just as individual. It pleases me to be able to tout that my percentage of success and client experience satisfaction is about 99% collectively.      (Visit Testimonial Page)


Thank you for your time and consideration in reviewing my qualifications for a position working with you and others whom will benefit from my skills - as this is my passion.



Joi-Ashli, HHP






Training and Certifications

AADP Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner * BioEnergetics Practitioner  encompassing: Bio Hypnosis * Master Reiki Practitioner * Pain & Emotion Release (Emotion Code Practitioner) * Ho'Oponopono Practitioner * EFT Emotional Freedom Educator) * Emotional Alignment Technique * A.C.E. (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Program Trainer  *  Let’s Move Maricopa - Wellness Educator  * Licensed Esthetician


Professional Experience


Advanced Wellness *  Services available Internationally

Wellness Provider and Educator  2005-Current

Create extensive wellness programs for clients in which encompassed mental, emotional, physical, and nutritional health guidance and education, with a goal of overall improvement of physical health, emotional wellbeing, and alleviation/elimination of duplicated and detrimental medications. 


WYS Education

Program Director, Evolution Specialist  2010 - Current

Create and develop unique and interactive programs and activities that  facilitate and encourage lifestyle changes, improvements in over-all well-being and teach principle concepts: Identity, Integrity, Possibilities, Confidence, Passion, Vision, Action, Sharing.


Advanced Wellness & Complexion Treatment Center   *  Santa Clarita California, Chandler &  Arizona           Advanced Wellness * Maricopa Arizona

Esthetician / Product Development 1994-2011       

Grew business from local practice to international product sales

Provided Esthetic services

Created Promotions and Marketing

Media communications

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